Pure Honey- From Hive to Table

Here at AT&S, we raise all of our bees in two very special places. One is the warm, rolling hills of California and the other is the lush, tropical terrain in Hawaii. We only produce our honey in these two beautiful places to ensure that we are always providing our customers with the utmost in natural honey products available. And, our honey is always delivered right from our hives to your table. Every drop of honey that we sell is ours and ours alone. We aren’t packers or distributors. We produce our own honey and that’s exactly what you get from around Feb. 20 thru November.

About Our Hives

We use standard medium hives for our honey and deeps for brood. Our beekeepers paint them with beeswax or another natural wood preservative that is oil-based. Our beeswax is mixed with naturally distilled pine resin turpentine for thinning the beeswax so that it can penetrate the wood. Then the turpentine will evaporate to leave only the beeswax behind.

About our Frames

As beekeepers, It’s fairly easy for us to know the best type of frame to use. We use wood, glue, wire, wax, and staples/nails. No plastic is ever used in our hives, except in the feeders and we’re working on changing that to wood feeders also. Our bees don’t like plastic, so we don’t either. We value their opinion and are always listening to their buzz, making it a truly symbiotic relationship. We love them and they love us. And, since you love our local honey, it’s a win-win for all!


We feed our bees special syrup but only when needed. We make it simply from sugar and water. We harvest out Hawaiian honey following the primary January nectar flow and our Californian honey in June or July. All of the honey produced the remainder of the year is already in the hives. Fall is usually the critical season for California. The honey bees must transition into winter well fed and healthy. We always try to find the right balance. Our goal is to get to the point eventually where we rarely have to feed our bees. It can be a long process and we’re not quite there yet. In Hawaii, it’s just the opposite. The tropical temperatures mean that the bees rarely need feeding. That means a great deal to the purity and overall quality of the honey. Thanks to the Hawaiian weather, our bees can collect nectar from all kinds of flowers during the entire year. And, since it never gets cold, there’s no need to warm the hives. It’s all very simple and very effective, giving you the purest honey available today. And, the climate in Hawaii also gives us the ability to cultivate our own baby queen bees for helping folks like you to start your very own hive. So, make us your trusted source for both beekeeping supplies and 100 percent natural honey products.